Our foundation focuses on supporting causes that in particular help to fill the inevitable gaps that exist in our wider community of charitable givings, locally and abroad. Above supporting other grass roots organizations this includes families and individuals who have fallen through the cracks in receiving the help they need . We deliver support directly to those needs, quietly and compassionately while maintaining and in some cases returning dignity to our fellow brothers and sisters

Kamisa Continues Support For "Village of Love"


On May 24, 2017, Kamisa Board members had the honour of meeting the Obaras, the founders of Village of Love. They were hosted here in Canada by other supporting Canadian agencies and it was a great opportunity to hear first hand about the amazing work they do in Kenya.

With 5 children of their own and having adopted 10 orphaned children as well, the Obaras have been truly inspirational in their commitment to helping the thousands of orphaned children affected by HIV/Aids in Kenya.

The success of the Village of Love charity hinges on a few key elements such as empowering women as caregivers by providing micro loans to support their small businesses endeavors, as well as ongoing training and support to ensure success. Women are contributing in meaningful ways now to the financial success of the family and most importantly this means that their children have the ability to attend school. have regular meals and be supported in a loving family.

This September we have a Kamisa Board member visiting the community of Kibera, in Kenya. Something they will be doing at their sole cost. The board member will be meeting with the local volunteers and visiting families that have seen direct benefits from this program. It is a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand, the foundation at work, empowering women, helping educate children and promoting community health.

Our many thanks to Linda Levin, Chair, Village of Love Canada, not only for her hard work and commitment, but for bringing this opportunity to the Kamisa Charitable Foundation. We are pleased to extend our commitment and support to this worthwhile cause.

For more information visit the Village of Love website


Kamisa Pledges Support For The Flemingdon Community Food Bank

In October of 2016, the Flemingdon community food bank was facing closure, leaving families who rely on there support out in the cold.


Recently the chair of the Kamisa Charitable Foundation became aware of the situation and the plight some individuals have faced trying to save this valuable and necessary service to the Flemingdon community of Toronto.

Great strides have been made to keep the doors open and catch up back rent for the food bank through out the first half of 2017.

Recently a fundraiser held in Toronto, in support of the Flemingdon Food Bank, now under a new board of directors, raised $28,000, providing enough funds to bring the rent up to current standing as of June 1st. Food donations have increased substantially as new sources pledge food donations. As well, the Daily Bread Food Bank has continued its overwhelming support of food donations.

The Kamisa Charitable foundation was pleased to participate in the fund raising event and to further pledge support, culminating in reaching the short term goal of erasing the food bank’s previous debt.

We look forward to continued support of this necessary service to the Flemingdon community.


Kamisa Continues Support For The Girls with Grit Scholarship

A grass roots organization working to break down barriers for women in T.V and Film.




Individual/ Family Support

Kamisa charitable foundation was founded on individual/family givings. Through a network of philanthropic associations our foundation has  over the years supported both individuals and families whom have been unable to get the help they need from traditional charitable sources.

March 2017…….

“……. Just a short note of appreciation for helping myself and the kids, we are so grateful……this financial support has lessoned our worries, knowing that we are safer is a huge relief, thank you again”